The initial excitement about Vuity on social media and elsewhere has brought in patients who want to understand the realities of using the drop. What are our board members saying to educate patients?

  • This drop affects everyone differently, but the idea is to create less dependency on your near corrective options.
  • Try it out at home to see how you react, and then ease your way into other scenarios to ensure your comfort with possible changes in vision.

–Gina Wesley, OD

  • Vuity has been shown in studies to be safe and effective.
  • If for some reason the drop doesn’t work for you, just stop it at any time; there are no lasting effects.

–Elise Kramer, OD

  • Vuity is a near vision boost that doesn’t compromise distance.

–Mitch Ibach, OD

  • It’s a great option for a night out, dinner with friends, or a card game with no reading glasses.

–Tracy Swartz, OD

  • For the right patient, Vuity makes patients’ eyes feel young again.

–Damien Goldberg, MD