We asked some experts what Catch Phrases they use when talking to patients about trying Vuity!

  • It helps to decrease the need for readers and offers another option when you don’t want to use them. 
  • It works by a pinhole effect by shrinking your pupil, similar to a camera aperture.
  • You may get headaches during the first week of use since the drop is working your pupil muscles differently. This is similar to your muscles being sore when you start working out after a break.

– Cecelia Koetting, OD

  • Let’s get you a date night without those reading glasses!

– Dorothy Hitchmoth, OD

  • Enhance your near vision with just one drop in each eye.
  • You’ll be able to read when you’re out even if you forgot your glasses at home.

– Elise Kramer, OD

  • It gives you social freedom from reading glasses.
  • It’s the closest thing to the “Benjamin Button” effect.
  • You’re no longer handcuffed to your readers.

– Mitchell A. Jackson, MD