In conjunction with the IOL Survey on the preceding pages, we’re launching our “Catch Phrase” feature here. Physicians have certain phrases they use to educate and direct their patients. Following are some of the ways the survey respondents discuss IOL choices and help their patients make the best decision.

Mitch Ibach, OD

“I think relating to patients that not only would you choose a technology for your family, but you also have chosen that technology for a loved one speaks volumes.”

  • If you were my family member, I would choose a trifocal IOL.
  • This is the lens we used for my dad’s cataract surgery, and he is super happy.

Nate Lighthizer, OD

“I explain to patients that our eyes are made for one distance, and during cataract surgery, we are going to take out the natural lens that has the cataract and implant a new lens that can have any power in it that we want.”

  • There is no one perfect lens, meaning it won’t be perfect for distance, intermediate, and near.
  • All are wonderful, state-of-the-art lenses.
  • If I was having cataract surgery tomorrow, there would be no doubt or hesitation that I would be getting presbyopia-correcting IOLs for my eyes.

Marjan Farid, MD

“When I discuss IOL options with patients, before I educate them on the different types and make a recommendation, I start this way:”

  • There are a lot of excellent IOL technologies now available for patients, and there is no one lens that fits all.
  • Based on your specific eye health and your lifestyle requirements, we will come up with the IOL that will work the best for you specifically.

Jennifer Loh, MD

“There are many different lenses that can give different types of vision, but we want to select the best lens for each patient, based upon their eye health.”

  • We are fortunate to now have the opportunity to not only take out your cataract but to also customize your vision and improve your prescription.
  • My job is to educate you on the different IOLs that you are a candidate for, and I can make a recommendation, although ultimately I also want your input.

Damien Goldberg, MD

“At the end of the day, I really think it’s the conviction with which I communicate the upgraded choices when I personally have the conversation with my patients.”

  • I honestly think the new trifocal multifocal IOL and the new enhanced depth of focus IOL are more sophisticated presbyopia solutions and will truly offer a greater range of vision and greater quality of life.

Sumit “Sam” Garg, MD

“I really do my best to make sure patients who are considering cataract surgery understand that every lens has pros and cons. Additionally, they need to understand that their particular eye (health, surface, measurements) may or may not be suitable for a particular lens technology. Lastly, I do my best not to overpromise. any specific outcome, and patients tend to be appreciative of frank honesty.”

  • There is no perfect lens.
  • Just because you pay more for a lens doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better for your eye.
  • Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do something.
  • I will do my best to individualize my lens recommendation to your specific situation and expectations.

Tracy Swartz, OD

“My focus is candidacy, and getting the patient ready for surgery. What IOL may not be supported by the anatomy and ocular surface?”

  • I want to customize your cataract surgery.
  • Here are options based upon your eye characteristics.