IN THE FALL OF 2021, COOPERVISION released the MyDay Multifocal Contact Lens (MFCL), an innovative lens design unlike any other MFCL on the market. It has only been available for a few months; however, it has already been proven to have a fast and efficient fit process with notable success for both the patient and provider.

We’ve teamed up with Percy Lazon de la Jara, Director of Research Programs at CooperVision, Inc. and creator of the MyDay MFCL to understand his inspiration for the design development and insider information regarding scientific features that differentiate this lens from the rest.

What inspired you to design the MyDay Multifocal Contact Lens?

It is estimated that nearly 2 billion people struggle with presbyopia globally. And although wearers with presbyopia account for 35% of all contact lens fits globally, only about 20% of lenses are either multifocal contact lenses or monovision; a significant number of presbyopes are still fitted with single vision lenses and use reading glasses.

With many eye care professionals, multifocal contact lenses have had a longstanding reputation for being difficult to fit, requiring numerous prescription adjustments and follow-up visits. And for wearers, there were often trade-offs in their distance or intermediate vision. Building off of CooperVision’s extensive expertise in optical design, we set out to develop a lens that would eliminate those compromises and provide eye care professionals an easy-to-fit, reliable multifocal lens that enables them to grow this part of their practices.

Figure 1. CooperVision© Binocular Progressive System™

Can you tell us about the specific design of the lens?

MyDay multifocal features the new Binocular Progressive System, which is an innovative three-ADD system that uses different lens designs to optimize vision for all levels of presbyopia and deliver comfortable wear, even as prescriptions and vision needs change. Like the rest of the MyDay family—and the Biofinity family as well—MyDay multifocal features Aquaform Technology, which locks moisture into the lenses to help keep the lenses soft and provide a comfortable lens-wearing experience.

What differentiates the MyDay MFCL compared to other MFCLs on the market?

The CooperVision Binocular Progressive System is distinctive. The simplified fitting process uses different lens designs to optimize vision for all levels of presbyopia. The 3 center-near multifocal lens designs have been crafted to allow the eyes to work in tandem, which gives a simple initial fit and an easy progression as the intermediate and near vision requirement increases. When following the fitting guide or using the CooperVision OptiExpert app, 98% of patients can be successfully fit in MyDay multifocal with two pairs of lenses or fewer—which is significant for both eye care professionals and their patients.

Figure 2. Initial lens selection and optimization for MyDay® multifocal lens fitting.

Table 1. MyDay multifocal parameter points.
Base curve 8.4 mm
Diameter 14.2 mm
Material stenfilconA, Aquaform® Technology
Design Center-near multifocal
Binocular Progressive System™
Sphere powers (DS)
+8.00 to -10.00 in 0.25 steps
-10.50 to -12.00 in 0.50 steps
Add powers (D)
LOW (+0.75 to +1.25)
MEDIUM (+1.50 to +1.75)
HIGH (+2.00 to +2.50)
Oxygen transmissibility 100 x 10-9 (at -3.00D)
UV blocker Class 2: 86% UVA and 97% UVB*
Handling tint Light blue visibility tint
Wear and replacement schedule Daily wear, daily disposable
*Warning: UV-absorbing contact lenses are not substitutes for protective UV-absorbing eyewear, such as UV-absorbing goggles or sunglasses, because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. Patients should continue to use UV-absorbing eyewear as directed.

What visual needs and clinical problems does the MyDay MFCL solve for patients and clinicians?

MyDay multifocal lenses are ideal for both younger presbyopes as well as patients with more advanced presbyopia looking for a way to stay in—or return to—contact lenses. The system was designed to offer good distance vision while offering good intermediate and near functional vision to our presbyopic patients. The high first fit success rate when the fitting guide is followed offers eye care practitioners reduced chair time and fewer follow-up appointments. Being a daily disposable silicone hydrogel offers excellent corneal oxygenation, and the Aquaform Technology is an ideal option for a comfortable lens that is much needed for the presbyopic age range. In summary, MyDay multifocal offers excellent vision performance, comfort, and ease of fit.

Any specific comments or information that optometrists and contact lens fitters should be aware of?

Early feedback on the lens is that it’s a win—even for the toughest and most discerning patients with presbyopia. And the fitting guide works to save valuable chair time. ■