Practical Perspectives from Educated Expertise

NOW THAT THE FIRST MEDICAL THERAPY FOR PRESBYOPIA is working its way into our practices, practitioners are gaining some perspective on this first option. Some of the realities are being seen, past the early excitement. As with most things in eyecare, patient selection seems to play a large role, as does proper patient education regarding goals, expectations, and adverse events.

Along with tempering enthusiasm, it’s notable that some patients are using Vuity successfully, and as expected it’s pulling patients in for appointments. This issue includes some positive stories, as well as a retina specialist view of the concerns that have been raised regarding retinal interactions and the possible association with retinal detachment. Retinal detachment is also a concern in many other ocular procedures and surgeries including refractive lens exchange so we’ve included information about that here as well. Hopefully this “risk calculator” will help give practitioners a perspective on risk when educating themselves and their patients. Another article looks at a “paradigm shift” in giving patients appropriate information about their options.

We haven’t forgotten about IOLs and contact lenses of course, included here are articles on some newer technologies in contact lenses including the Mojo VR lens, 4 steps to make your multifocal fits more successful, as well as a procedure that combines placing presbyopia-correcting IOLs in glaucoma patients and alongside glaucoma surgery. We also have another look at the mechanics of presbyopia, looking at how age affects dynamic range of focus. ■

Chief Co-Editors

Jacob Lang, OD and Elizabeth Yeu, MD