Onward and Upward

AS WE CONTINUE TO BUILD momentum behind Presbyopia Physician, we continue to grow our team of contributing authors and editorial board members, and now we have another exciting change we would like to share with all of you.

Since Presbyopia Physician’s inaugural issue in July 2021, I have had the honor and pleasure of working alongside Dr. Elizabeth Yeu, MD, as my Chief Co-Editor. Liz is always the forward thinking, curious, intelligent doctor who inspires others to be better, work harder, and make the world a better place. However, these character traits have not gone unnoticed by others, which has led her to other leadership duties in eye care, leaving us to fill some very big, very important shoes.

After much discussion and consideration, we here at PP feel amazingly blessed to be able to introduce Jennifer Loh, MD, as my new Chief Co-Editor. I have worked with Dr. Loh in the past and know she has what it takes to bring Presbyopia Physician onward and upward, as confirmed with the work we have done to put together this issue. Welcome to Presbyopia Physician, Dr. Loh!

It is a distinct honor and pleasure to join Dr. Lang and the team as the new Chief Co-Editor of Presbyopia Physician! I have enjoyed this journal since its inception, as it is unique in the discussion of one of the most difficult and ubiquitous vision challenges we as eye doctors and humans face. In a relatively short time span, as a cataract and refractive surgeon, I have already seen many new presbyopia treatments developed, including intraocular lenses (IOLs), corneal inlays, laser treatments, and eye drops. It’s definitely an exciting time to be in eyecare, especially with all of the new technology and collaboration between industry and clinicians.

Now, let’s get to our exciting content!

In this issue, we continue the discussion on educating patients about the inevitable onset of presbyopia, and look at differences in miotics being developed for treatment. Practice management is always important, and we have articles here on the potential economic impact of choosing an IOL, evaluating patients for the proper IOL selection, and introducing new technologies into a practice. There is an article about using scleral lenses as a possible solution for presbyopes, one with insights into the numbers driving the activity level of R&D in presbyopia, and an update on accommodating IOLs. We also have more about the kinematic chain of Dynamic Range of Focus of the eye, a discussion on prioritizing visual performance in presbyopia, a look at the Nanodropper, and another Clinical Case Corner for you to enjoy!

Chief Co-Editors

Jennifer Loh, MD, and Jacob Lang, OD